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AdSense Smart Pricing System and Low AdSense Earning

A good number of AdSense publishers have experienced low AdSense earning and could not find out the reason. They do not have clear idea about AdSense smart pricing system. They have tried using competitive ad filter, section targeting, selecting proper ad format and color and other suggested steps to rise earning, yet no improvement. Frankly speaking it was happened to me also. I experienced 80% reduce in my AdSense earning. Like me you might have faced the same situation. Generating relatively low earnings is due to AdSense smart pricing system. Let us know what exactly AdSense smart pricing.

What is AdSense Smart Pricing:

AdSense Smart Pricing is the terminology adopted by Google for automatic price adjustments to protect the Adwords advertisers from click fraud. It helps to provide better placement for better performing ads and reduced the cost of a click to the least possible amount to stay above competitor’s ad. It is also applied to compensate the Adwords advertisers whose conversion is not up to the mark that means it is a unique system for adwords advertiser having less return in comparison to their investment.

Why Smart Pricing Affects your site

It is not disclosed how google sets a click value and factors behind AdSense smart pricing. However through an algorithm, a method for determining the value of your AdSense account, sites and pages, and what percentage you get per click. AdSense Smart pricing system affects an AdSense account due to following reasons:

i) Newly launched site.

ii) Low traffic

iii) Irrelevance and low quality content

iv) In appropriate density of key words

v) Low Page rank

vi) Insufficient back links from relevant site

You should not remove the AdSense ads from your site just because it has a lower CTR. Low CTR but high conversion may boost your earning. Necessary steps as mentioned may be taken to avoid affecting your AdSense account.

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