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Someone Copying articles /image from your blog/site

Some one is copying an article from your site/blog. What step you should take to resist it. Actually there is no way to stop users from copying article as there are so many ways to grab a image. Recently a site has copied some of my popular articles. I think he is regularly visiting my site. He is requested to remove my articles from his site otherwise step will be taken agains him. I am requesting my viewers not to visit the above site. I had some particular key words through which I came to know that the site is compying my articles. Some of my articles such as Adsense sectet tips, SEO Tips are proved best. If you are facing the same problem fist indentify the site which is copying your article. For this search your unique (which is uncommon) key words in the google search or yahoo search. Very easily you can indentify the site which is copying your articles. You can simply ask the site to remove the article which has been copied from your site through contact e.mail of the site. You can also leave a comment available in the blog/site.
If the site does not listen to your request, You can also contact the host to let them know a client of theirs is copying your article. It is against nearly all host's TOS to steal content/images from another site/blog. You should be ready with proof to resist counter claim.
If your pocket permit, you can file a copyright infringement lawsuit, but you should contact a lawyer for this. When you choose a lawyer, make sure that he or she has experience with internet law and copyright infringement.
You can also inform Google, Yahoo and other search engines to search listing removed if the site violates copyright laws. If the site is removed from search engine there will be no traffic and thereby the intension of stealing the article will be of nothing use.

The motivation of the thief is to earn using advertising from google Adsense or Yahoo Net work. You can inform the fact to the companies. They will listen to your complain and ads will be removed from the site.
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