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Domain Vs Subdomain

Recently I visited a site. The publisher of the site claimed that after switching over from blogspot (Sub domain) to own domain he noticed significant increase of traffic. Earlier I was also in doubt in this matter. Like me many publishers want to know which one performs well- Domain or Sub domain? I have several blogs on blogspot and site on my own Domain. I decided to test it in my own way. I selected one blog on blogspot and one site on own Domain. Content of the blog and the site are almost same. Both are started functioning at the same time. I promoted them in the same ways. I collected data on daily basis for one month then I analysis the data and found I got approximately same result for Domain and Subdomain. So according to my view, in regard to traffic the performance of Subdomain and Domain almost same.

Now the question is why people prefer to publish in their own domain when publishing in Subdomain is completely free. The reasons for preferring own domain are:
1. Total control over the site
2. No chance of removal by subdomain provider
3. Flexibility
4. Develop its own personality
For those who are still undecided about setting up website may decide for a free site. Google geocities or Google page creator are good examples of free webs site providers. Literally hundreds of companies that provide free hosting. The only drawbacks are they will reserve space on your site to serve advertising banner ads and other links. Most of these free websites offers template-based WYSIWIG interfaces that enable you to design your website using nothing more than your mouse and keyboard.
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