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List of HTML Tags

List of HTML Tags
Basic HTML TagsHere is your basic HTML tags to create a web page. It is easy and simple. After learning basic HTML Tags you can customize your website with font, colors, text size and pictures. HTML tags are made of letters that are abbreviations of what they actually stand for. For example br specifies a single line break. It is very important to keep in mind that on a Web page the HTML tags must be in a specific order and almost all HTML tags have a beginning and end tag. An end tag is similar to that of beginning tag. The W3C, or World Wide Web Consortium, is the consortium that makes the standards for the official HTML, Here is the list of HTML Tags.
<!--…--> specifycomments within your code

<!DOCTYPE> indiates the document type
<a> indicates the anchor

<abbr> indicates abbreviation

<acronym> indicates acronym

<addrerss>indicates an address element

<applet> indicates an applet

<area>indicates area inside an image map

<b> indicates bold text

<base> indicates a base URL for all

<basefont> indicates links in a page

<bdo> indicates the direction of text display

<big> indicates big text

<blockquote> indicates a quotation

<body> indicates a body element

<br> indicates a single line break

<button> indicates a push button

<caption> indicates table caption

<center> indicates text center

<cite> indicates a citation

<code> indicates code text

<col> indicates attribute for table columns

<cologroup> indicates groups of tablecolumns

<dd> indicates a definition

<del> indicates deleted text

<dir> indicates a directory list

<div> indicates section in a document

<dfn> indicates a definition term

<dl>indicates definition list

<dt> indicates definition term

<em> indicates emphasized text

<fieldset> indicates a fieldset

<font> indicates font, size and color

<frame> indicates a sub window(a frame)

<frameset> indicates a set of frames

<h1>to<h6> indicates header 1 to header 6

<head> indicates information about the document

<hr> indicates a horizontal rule

<html> indicates the HTML document

<i> indicates the italic text

<iframe> indicates an inline sub window(frame)

<img> indicates an image

<input> indicates an input field

<ins> indicates inserted text

<isindex> indicates single-line inputfield

<kbd> indicates keyboard text

<label> indicates a label for a form control

<legend> indicates a title in a fieldset

<li>indicates a list of item

<link> indicates a resource reference

<map> indicates an image map

<menu> indicates a menu list

<meta> indicates meta information

<norframes> indicates a noframe section

<noscript> indicates a noscript section

<object> indicates an embeddedobject

<ol> indicates an ordered list

<optgroup> indicates an option group

<option> indicates an option in a dropdown list

<p> indicates a paragraph

<param> indicates a parameter for an object

<pre> indicates preformatted text

<q> indicates a short quotation

<s> indicates strikethrough text

<samp> indicates sample computer code

<script> indicates a script

<select>indicates a selectable list

<small> indicates small text

<span> indicates a section in a document

<strike> indicates strikethrough text

<strong> indicates strong text

<style> indicates a style definition

<sub> indicates subscripted text

<sup> indicates superscripted text

<table> indicates a table

<tbody> indicatesa table body

<td>indicates a table cell

<textarea> indicates a text area

<tfoot> indicates a table footer

<th> indicates a table header

<thead>indicates a table header

<title> indicates the document title

<tr> indicates a table row

<tt> indicates teletype text

<uv indicates underlined text

<ul> indicates an unordered list

<var> indicates a variable

<xmp> indicates performatted text
For testing just open the Notepad, type out the codes mentioned above in the notepad then save it on your Desktoop as file.html. Double click the file to see the results in a browser.More Information :Dictionary of meta tagsA meta tag builderOCLC/NCSA Metadata workshop
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