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Page ranking and driving traffic

Secret tips of page ranking and driving traffic
You have noticed people claim they are getting significant hits to their website everyday. But someone else is disappointed since no one visited his site though the site is well built. What is the secret of getting such a huge traffic? The only thing behind such a large number of traffic is “page rank”. Yes, only page rank can turbo-charge skyrocket up your traffic. And high traffic means key of the success is at your hand. Traffic is nothing but pure gold.
Google Page Rank is measured by the number of websites and the "importance" of those websites that link to your website. In general, the more websites that link to your website, the higher your Page Rank will be.
So page rank plays important role to drive traffic. Now the question is how do I high up my page rank? What is the key to high ranking in the search result? Let’s say you have just created a website or blog. Your site yet to be indexed. You need to find a high page ranking website who will give link to your site. Search engines find out your site by following links on websites that are already in their index. But it can be a little tricky getting others to link to your site.
Don’t worry; here is the way I’m going to tell you, to get tons of websites to link to your site within a few days. All you required to do is write article relevant to the content of your website or blog and submit them to free article directories. There are so many article directories such as
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Once they have included your article and provide a link to your site, the search engines will visit the directory and then follow all the links on the article directory. Publishers will collect articles from the free article directories and your article may spread from one publisher to multiple publishers. Within a short span of time you may get hundreds link to your site. You know the more websites link to your website, the higher of your page rank and instantly you will get traffic. That is simple, quick and effective way to rank high in the search engines.
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