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Adsense is the true online money maker: Save your Adsense account

Adsense is the real online money making scheme. Thousands of people are earning tons of dollars everyday through Adsense program. If you have a Adsense account and when your earning is in progress, all of a sudden your Adsense account may be disabled. You may be innocent but be careful about the internet enemies. To save you Adsense account from the enemies you have to combat against them. Self clicking and continuous clicking from same IP on the Adsense ads are strictly prohibited and these clicks are treated as invalid clicks. If you can not stop the invalid clicks, your Adsense account may be disabled. Once your Adsense account is disabled, all of your earning accumulated in the Adsense account will be forfeited. So you have to be vigilant every moment to save your adsense account.
I have already discussed about how to deal with Sabotage Clicks and Accidental Clicks. Here I would like to highlight one important point. If clicks are generated from a unknown site how you will save your account?
You should use channel for all of your sites. Advantage of adding url channel is to identify from which site the invalid clicks have been generated and you can report to the Adsense team about the affected site with date and time and url. Sometime you may notice that multiple clicks have been generated but you are unable to identify the site where the clicks were made, even you have added urls of all of your sites. The true fact is that the enemy has made clicks on the Adsense ads which is made with your adsense pub No. and placed on a site created by enemy. In this case you have to use “allowed sites”. Go to your Adsense account then click on “Allowed sites” and put all of your urls so that the page impressions and clicks generated from a site which is not belong to allowed sites will not be counted.
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