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How to change Template of your blog free of cost

Blogger has limited number of blog templates. All the readymade templates available in blogger blog are two column. Thousands of blog publishers use these templates. You may wish to implement new customized template for your blog. If you know HTML you can easily change the appearance of your blog. I have already discussed how to add second sidebar in blogger blog. Some basic HTML knowledge is always helpful. But if you know nothing about HTML, still then you can change the style and look of your blog. For this you need not spend even a single dime. There are more than fifty classic blogger templates. You can select one of them to use.You can see the preview before implementing.

Step by step guidelines to change your blog template:

1. Go to your Dashboard and select the blog you want to change the template.
2. Click ‘Layout’
3. Click on ‘Edit HTML’.
4. Go to bottom and choose ‘Revert to Classic Temple’.

5. Select all the codes and delete it.
6. Now go to the site
7. Select one template from the list available in the right sidebar.
8. Click under the preview to get the code.
9. Now copy the code and paste it in your blog.
10 Save it and experience a new look of your blog.
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