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Adsense Pin Number

A good number of publishers asked adsense pin related questions in the adsense help group. “When I will receive my adsense PIN number” is a common question in the forum. So I would like to explain clearly all about adsense pin number for my visitors.
Pin number or personal identification number is a number of four digits which is to be entered in the box provided for the purpose. Pin number will be issued when your account balance reaches US$50 for the first time. Pin number is required to verify the accuracy of your postal address. Google Adsense wants to confirm that your contact information is correct and you can receive your payment at your postal address.
Pins are printed on white 4.5X6 inch postcards and sent via standard mail i.e. ordinary post. The post card is folded and pasted. You have to open it to see your pin number. Four steps are mentioned in the post card how to enter your pin number.
If you do not enter your pin number within 4 months the paid advertisements will be withdrawn and in place of paid advertisements public service ads will be displayed. After 6 months still you are not able to enter the pin number, your account will be disabled and your unpaid earnings will be refunded to the appropriate advertisers.
Pin number will arrive generally within 2-4 weeks. However it may take more time depending on your location. If you do not receive it you can request for re-issue of pin number after 3 weeks. My suggestion is don’t wait beyond 21 days. If you do not get your pin number within 3 weeks, make a request for reissue of pin number.
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