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Boost your earning by showing AdSense ads in Feed

It is good news for publishers that henceforth AdSense publishers can boost their AdSense earning by putting targeted ads into the feeds . Now you can manage and monetize for your feeds through the same AdSense account
Google offered the opportunity to display AdSense for feeds to small group of publishers before full launching for every publishers. I am happy I was one of the lucky publishers allowing AdSense for feeds.
I have already discussed about feed burners. Once again I am reiterating that feeds are nothing but the method to distribute content of a website or blog among the people who are not using conventional browsers. Feeds work as a media to deliver and update content automatically through a web portal, news reader, mobile devices and other and let the visitors know about the updating and changing. Recently Google has introduce feedburner ( Those who have already burnt their feeds through FeedBurner website can migrate all of the feeds through a manual process using contact form. You may face trouble to submit form. An error message may occur related to language. In this case I suggest you to use different browser. If you are using IE switch over to Firefox and the vice versa. Once your migration is completed wait for an email response from Google. It may take up to one week or more.
If you are using feeds first time to display ads you need to burn a feed. Just click the burn a new feed link. A box will appear. Enter your URL. For displaying ads in feed log in to your AdSense account then “AdSense Setup”, you may notice "AdSense for feeds" option in your account. Now create your ad unit to put ads in your feeds. Just select the Ad type, (Text or image or both), then frequency, post length, position, color and channel as under.
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