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Meta Tage Guide

Meta Tag

In Meta Tag the webmaster keep his own matters like the name of web designer, subject matters of the web page etc. Whatever you write under Meta Tag, it will not be seen in the web page. Apparently the users can not see the matter which has been written under Meta Tag. But it can be seen under source code of the web page. Meta Tag can be used in two ways:
<meta name= “”>
<meta http-equiv= “”>
Generally Meta Tag is written under the “head” section of a web page. Title is written just after the Meta Tag. The whole thing is like:
<meta name/http-equiv= “content=”

<meta name= “”>
Here the value is given for attribute ‘name’. Under the value, various subject matters are written in the content section. The whole thing is like:
<meta name= “”content=“”>

1.Author: Suppose, you want to include the name of web designer. Say you have prepared a web page named site.htm. Now you may place the name of the webdesigner. Syntax of meta tag for this :
<meta name= “author”content=“ramen”>
2.Copy right: For copy right declaration:
<meta name= “copyright”content=“©1999”>
3. Description: Suppose you have made a web page on Webdesign. You want to include short description of your articles. It is important for search engine and directory. The syntax is:
<meta name= “description”content=“How to make a web site”>
4.Keywords: You may include some key words in meta tag. Search engines will store it in database. Say you are going to prepare a web page on blog making. Your key words are blog, sitemap, key words, adsense for blog, photo blog. Here is syntax for this:
<meta name= “keywords”content=“ blog, sitemap, key words, adsense for blog, photo blog”>
5. Robots: You may like not to crawl your web site or certain page by search engine. For that you have to use robot programme. To keep your website out of search engines you have to include this meta tag:
<meta name= “robots”content=“noindex”>
If you write ‘nofollow’ in place of ‘noindex’ there shall not be any link document
6. Expires: Document related matters such as tenure of the webpage is written in this meta tag:
<meta http-equiv= “expires”content=31 July 2006”>
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