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Page rank is a system for ranking various web pages. Page rank mainly depends upon the links. Links from high ranking and relevant sites make a page important and determine the page rank. Google conduct a search with the combination of Page Rank and text-matching query and consequently users find the pages best match for a query from high-quality websites.
To rank high is not an easy matter. Publishers have to work hard to achieve high page ranking. Every publisher wants to rank high. Higher page ranking sites get huge traffic. You know traffic is nothing but pure gold.
Publishers should try his level best to write unique articles. That means totally different from others and maintain the Design, content, and technical guidelines and Quality guidelines as suggested by Google. I always try to publish an article with my own words. Plagiarism always should be avoided. Search engines always prefer original and unique content. Don’t try to generate the content from any software. Title should be attractive. Back links from relevant and high ranking site are very much important. But I do not believe in purchase any links from high-ranking sites. You may exchange your links with some good website owners. But make sure that you are not dealing with a blacklisted website.
What is my page rank?
You may be interested to test your page rank.Google Firefox has very effective page ranking tool. There are many other tools to test the page rank. Free page rank checker is a free to check the rank of any website or blog. Enter your website or blog URL in the form and click “check PR” button. If you wish to place page rank tool in your web site and provide your visitors to check the ranking of their websites or blog, just copy the HTML code given in the site and put it into the source of your site where you want page rank checker to display
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