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Opening AdSense Account: Requirements for a successful AdSense application

It is not easy to get a Google AdSense publisher ID. They review application very strictly and only certain publishers having good quality websites get approval. Are you frustrated for disapproval of your application again and again? I am giving you some tips what exactly you should do so that you can get AdSense publishers ID.

First and foremost important is content. Maximum applications are rejected due to “unaccepted site content”. Content is the king of a website or blog. Google AdSense always prefer unique and interesting content incorporated with appropriate density of key words. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Your site must have enough textual content and informative. It is not possible to evaluate the content thoroughly for AdSense specialist. They use algorithm to check your website. Make sure your content do not have any term that is against the TOS such as “click here”, “incentive for click”, “favor the site”, “click the ad” etc.

Make sure you are publishing in top level domain. Your domain should be or www.example.subdomain(like blogspot).com but not site. Registration of domain name must be in your name. Your given personal information must match with the information on domain registration. Wait at least 6 months to apply for AdSense account. Don’t submit a site which is under construction. Make sure your site is active, all the links are working properly and the site is fully launched. The Primary language of your site should be in the list of supported languages. Your site must comply with Google AdSense program policies maintain Google's webmaster quality guidelines:

Let us sum up the requirements to get approved your AdSense account

1. Publishing in top level domain
2. AdSense applicant name should match with the information on your domain registration.
3. Address and email is correct
4. Site is fully launched
5. Links are functioning well
6. Sit is at least 6 months old.
7. The site has enough textual content and the content is original, unique and informative
8. Must comply with AdSense program policies and Webmaster quality guidelines.
9. Site content is in supported language
10.Site is aesthetic
So check your site whether it has fulfilled the requirements as prescribed. I suggest you to try with your blogger blog since it is very easy to handle and has some good features. Above all it is completely free. I got my AdSense publishers ID with my blog and hope you will get your publishers ID soon. Best of luck.
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