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Proof of AdSense Earning

I appreciate your interest in AdSense earning opportunities. Yes, you rightly heard about AdSense. It is the most legitimate and scam free scheme to make money online. Thousands of people around the globe are earning tons of money through this program. On the other hand a good number of people are also quitting this program. This article is only for those quitters and the newbies. AdSense is the most popular ad-serving program run by Google. It generates revenue on pay per click basis or on cost per thousand impressions basis. Don’t think Google AdSense is the quick rich program. You need to have a website or blog. Now a days it is not difficult to own a website or blog. Suppose a publisher registers with AdSense and his account has been activated. But he does not know the basic of web designing and related matters. Remember, it is very easy to get your AdSense account active but not so easy to earn. Without proper and adequate knowledge one cannot achieve success. One must learn how to write article for website. Sometimes publishers use just copy and paste activities for their content. Plagiarism always should be avoided. Google always prefer original content. Publishers should be well acquainted with what is key words, what is SEO, how to rank high in search engines, what is back links and how to get back links , how to drive traffic etc. without learning anything they go for earning money and resulting failure which leads them to involve in fraud activities.. Google AdSense never tolerates this type of activities. Google only pays for clicks from genuine user interest. Artificially generated clicks or impressions or third party activities such as paid to surf, paid to click, click-exchange program etc. are strictly prohibited.So I suggest my visitors to keep patience. First learn carefully. Dig a little deeper. A lot of intrinsic factors will be revealed. To motivate and mobilize you I am furnishing some of the checks that I received from AdSense. Over the years I have realized that hard working with a little luck is the key to success. I can assure you my article on AdSense secret tips will guide you properly. So don’t quit. Go ahead in right track. Remember the winners never quit and the quitters never win.
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