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Pay per post : More the posting more the earning

Why are you blogging? Hobby! Business! Expressing view! - Whatever may be, you should be paid per post. To become a successful blogger you have to drive traffic for your site. Traffic is the lifeblood of a blog. If you are able to increase your traffic, automatically you will achieve your goal for the very purpose you are blogging.
There are several ways to drive traffic. Frequent posting plays an important role to increase hits. A post is one unique entry in the blog. Search engine always prefer new feed. The more you post the more you get hits.
But don’t post just for posting. If you post duplicate content, search engine may disable your blog from their list. Always remember content is the King and back link is the queen. Your article should be free from racism, hatred, pornography or gambling. Check your article for spelling and proof reading for grammatical error before posting. If your content is informative and interesting, people will visit your site frequently. Frequent posting with quality content is important aspect to be a successful publisher.
I have gone through several articles in the websites. But it is unfortunate that maximum articles are baseless, monotonous and good for nothing. The content of each post must be unique. You should not post the same thing on different blogs and you may not copy someone else's post. Your each posting should contain at least 300 words. To count the words first select your article then go to ‘Tool’ and click ‘word count’. You will get the statistics of pages, words, characters, paragraphs and lines.
If you are not competent to write good article, you can hire a writer for your blog. There are numerous content writers. Search for a good content writer with reasonable rate who will write content for you. There are several free article directories also. But it is better to submit articles to the free article directories than to collect. By posting articles in the free directories you will get back links for your site. More the back links higher the page ranks. So efforts should be taken to post unique article regularly to increase your traffic as well as your earning.
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