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6 ways to earn online with your blog

Weblog or blog is mere not a online journal or a diary to air your personal thought. It can help you to earn online also. If you are a retired person, a students or not satisfied with your present job, you can turn your blog as a money making tree - a mythical tree yielding huge money. Blogging- your hobby may be your profession. You can monetize your blog in several ways. Everyone who is blogging have a ambition. If your traffic level is not up to the mark, don't worry. You can make money with little traffic also. However your endeavour always should be high. If you are getting 100 hits, you should look forward for 1000 and if 1000 try for 10000. You should not be complacent with your performance. Let's know how to monetize your blog. These tips will help you make money online when you are in deep sleep or when you are enjoying with your family and friends. Don't miss your online earning opportunity through blogging. Get paid for your hard working. Now the question is how do I make money by blogging? the subject of your blog may be like a business blog,
Earning opportunity entertainment or even a personal or charity. You can monetize all of your blogs.

1. Monetize blog by displaying ads
You can earn money from your blog in the very first day of creating your blog. Participate any of the ad networks program. There are several these type of programs. Google Adsense is the most popular program in the field. But you should explore the other hidden money makers such as Yahoo Publisher Network, Chitika, Clicksor, AdSonar, Bidvertiser, Overtune, and so many. It is the fast and easy method to earn by displaying ads on your blog. Just you have to copy and paste the ad code into your blog and ads relevant to your content will instantly start appearing. You will be paid when someone clicks an ad appeared in you blog.

2. Monetize blog through affiliate program
Affiliates are essentially product advertisers or marketers. There are good number of companies like to sell their products or service. You may earn commissions through recommendation or linking to those products.You can promote a product or service through your blog and earn commission. Suppose you have recommended a product and placed its banner in your blog. Whenever your visitors read your blog would be interested in the product and the company will pay you a commission for sending a customer to a publisher's Pitch Page and the customer actually purchases a product. is another effective affiliate merchant use by the blog publishers.

3. Monetize blog through pay per post
You can monetize you blog through PayPerPost. You have to write about a product and service and share the benefit from the sales and traffic you have helped generate. The PayPerPost advertisers will pay you for your opinion on various products. Search through a list of opportunities, make a blog posting, get your content approved, and get paid for your blog.

4. Monetize blog through referral:
Make extra cash through referrals. . I made a blogOnline Earning Without Investment . I have discussed how to earn online without investment through various ways such as adsurfing, discussion, reading mail etc. and tried to get referrals. I have been getting couple of referrals everyday and thus my earning also increasing day by day.

5. Monetize by Selling Products
You can monetize your blog by selling your products. If your blog gets a large number of hits daily, it is your great opportunity to sell your product worldwide from your home. E-books to old coin- every thing. If your content of the blog is extremely good, you can make a CD or print it out and sell it as a package.

6. Monetize through Donations

If you are an expert to provide various useful information people generally looking for, you can receive donation from your visitors. Remember, you should not monetize your blog through others method. Open your Paypal or other method of money transfer account and ask with polite language to donate to run your blog.
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