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Adsense Ad in Beta Blog

Adsense in Beta.blogger

Now the problem is solved. You can display the advertisements in beta blog also. You need not to modify the code. The process of displaying ads in your page is now more easy. Just copy the codes from your Adsense account then go to your Beta Blogger layout page. Here you will see navgar on the top. Beneath it you will see ‘Head’, beneath the ‘ head ‘you can see two blocks- a. blog posts(square) and b. side bar(vertical rectangle). ‘Footer’ (horizental rectangle) is in the nadir. Click on “Add a Page Element”. Then Click on ‘HTML/Java script’ under choose new page elements. Then just paste it in the box provided. Have a preview view. If you think every thing is OK. Click “Save Changes”. You may change the positin by draging it to the position you want to have it. In the sidebar use only skyscapper advertisement. ‘Google search' should be on the top right hand side. You can display your ad in blog posts section also. In the sidebar section you may follow the sequence as google search on the top, then label, then a skyascapper ad then referral as in Navgar is unchangable. There are also two links referring to your classic template. You can easily convert to classic template whenever you like.
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