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How to contact Google/Yahoo/msn

How to contact Google/Yahoo/msn to solve a problem/difficulty regarding your website/blog

Are you facing problem in publishing your Blog or website? You may want to contact the google ,Yahoo or msn the search engine giants. Are you looking for ‘How to contact Google’ or ‘How to contact Yahoo’ or ‘msn’? Here is your answer. I will provide you some important link to contact the search engine giants. Google or Yahoo are dealing with so many customers. Everyday thousands of customers want to contact google yahoo or msn. It is not possible for the search engine giants to reply for all. They may investigate your problem if your message is considerably important to them.

1. You have a website and If you think a site is involved in any kind of spam, or deceptive redirects. Open the page here fill the form. As per your problem feed back necessary information to google. They probably won't answer your letter but they will likely investigate your problem.
2. If you facing in security issues contact here
3. To ask to be inluded as Google News source mail
4. If you want to contact google employee having a blog contact here
5. Spam Report for Yahoo
here . Feed back with list the URL that you feel is spam, search you typed to get this result, copy the URL of the yahoo search results page where this spam appeared, type of spam ( illegal content, adult content redirect to another site etc.) Then submit.
6. For assistance with a specific problem you are experiencing with your service or product, (Contact Support) in msnfeedback.
7. If you think someone is violating adsense programme policies. report here
8. If you think googlebot crawls your site too fast you may report
Here to slow down the rate
9. for Yahoo here. Feed Report here regarding web search
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