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Increasing AdSense revenue: How to blend color

Blending color of your AdSense ads with the page back ground color is the best tip to increase your AdSense earning. Choosing the right color palette may bring dramatic impact on revenue. Generally visitors ignore anything, which is separate from the content. So you have to devise an idea that makes your visitor confuse thinking ads as content.

What is the easiest way to blend color? If you place AdSense ads in your blog through ‘AdSense’ feature available in “Page Elements” you can blend ad color easily by selecting the ‘blending color’ option. But in this way you will not be able to use custom channel or target.

If the back ground color of your blog is white, you can use pre-designed open Aire palette. Otherwise to blend color first click “Layout” on concerned blog. Then click “Fonts and colors”. In the left hand side you will notice options -‘page background color’. ‘Text color’, ‘date header color’, ‘link color’, ‘visited link color’, ‘sidebar color’ ,’sidebar text color’ etc. Select the desired option and note down the color code available at the right hand side. Now login to your AdSense account. Click “Adsense Set up”, select “AdSense for content”, select text and image ads (preferably text ads only) then select ad format. In color palette write the noted down color code in the box as mentioned in the picture, add custom channel and copy the ad code. Now go to “Page Element” click “Java script” and paste the AdSense code and save it.
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