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Simple Link to a Web Page

Adding link to a web page
Link is essential for every web page. Here is your quick link knowledge:
Hypertext Links are used when you want to link one HTML document/webpage to other HTML document/webpage. Whenever you click on a section of text or image containing such a link in one web page will open an entire web page or an image of the linked web page. The text or an image that provides such linkage is known as Hypertext, or Hyperlink. Links are mainly two types :
a. Link to an external document:
b. Link to a specific place within an HTML document.
A. Link is created in a web page with the help of tags and attributes like below:

B. Open your word document. Select the text you would like to add hyperlink. Click 'insert' then 'hyperlink'. You will notice a box as under. Write the address of your webpage in the address box. Click 'OK'

C. In the Blogge blog hyper linking is very easy. In the 'Edit Post' or 'New Post' mod you will notice a image as circled below. First select the word or sentence and click image and put the address. Your word or phrase will be hyperlinked.

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