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20 Tips to grab the attention of your visitors

Tips to grab the attention of your visitors
Page design is important aspect to attract your blog visitors. If your web page is not designed perfectly, your visitors will just skip to another website. So you will loose your genuine traffic. Remember traffic is the pure gold. Don’t allow them to skip. You must take necessary measures so that your visitors feel interest to explore your blog. Overall presentation of your blog is very much important. Here I am furnishing some important principles to attract the visitors:

Design your blog in such a way so that your visitors are impressed with in few seconds.
Clear your plan in the very first page about the aim of creating the blog. Whether you want to promote a product, to educate the audience, to research, to entertain the audience or to inform.
Define your targeted audience.
Keep in mind the class, age, financial status, gender of the visitors.
Use single color scheme throughout is an effective way to achieve consistency.
Shape makes a blog distinct, so include pleasant shapes.
Title of the page should be short, attractive and descriptive.
The first or home page should be resourceful and grow interest in visitors to explore the other pages.
Make sure the content is in simple sentences and easy to understand
Select the appropriate back ground color and text color and font so that the content is easily readable.
Update your blog in regular interval so that your visitors come back. Remove any outdated information.
Test your blog in different browsers to know their appearance. You should not use any features that are not supported by all the browsers.
Don’t show everything in one page. Use separate pages for different topics.
Make sure the buttons and the links are behaving properly.
Avoid excessive use of images and advertisements.
Use text and link colors in such a way so that they do not clash.
Don’t write anything like “click here” that can be annoying. .
Don’t force your visitors to scroll down to find the clues.
Avoid excessive use of hyperlinks.
Make sure your blog is loaded quickly.
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