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How to write content for a website with key words

Content writing plays an important role for a successful website or blog. A website that provides unique and useful content automatically gets ample of back links and holds a good position in the search result. So every webmaster should take utmost care in writing content for a website.

Content for a website and that of an essay are not the same. Content of a website must be incorporated with keywords with a specific density. Your key words should be popular that people generally search for in the internet. If you fill your website with irrelevant words it will be good for nothing.

Be careful in the use of key words while writing the content of the website. Keyword density should be limited. If you repeat the key words frequently just for search result, your site may be rejected as an artificial site and will be treated as spammer. So over use of key words in writing content should be avoided.

Now the question is what is accepted percentage of key words in content writing? It is around 5% that means if in your content, the number of words is 100 then the use of certain key words should be around five times. Always try to keep keyword density between 3% and 6% in your content.

Another important point is: two relevant key words should be placed nearby as far as possible. Suppose some one is searching for ‘content writing’. If you place the two key words ‘content’ and ‘writing’ nearby as far as possible it will be good for search result.

To determine the density of your content first count the words of the content. In MS word you can count the words of your content very easily. Just go to ‘Tool’ and click on ‘word count’. After that select the whole content and go to ‘Edit’ and click on ‘Find’. Press ‘replace’ tab and type the key word you need to find out. ‘Replace’ the word with same key word. You will easily know the number of key words you have used.
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