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Promoting your Blog for More Traffic

Wouldn't it be nice to have hundreds, or even thousands of visitors to your blog?
You have made your blog with blood and toils but nobody is visiting your blog. There are millions of blogs online. Every one wants to attract his blog. So you have to compete with other blog publishers. You have to promote your blog in the right way. Traffic are the life blood of a blog. Write your contents keeping in mind the traffic of your blog. If your contents are really useful then traffic will drive to your blog again and again. For getting more traffic you have to set your blog to so that your recent posts will be included in various recently updated lists on the web as well as other blog related services.
You should participate in traffic exchange programme to get more traffic. Maximum traffic spend less time. They may not interested to review your blog or even rate your blog. Here is the importance of Traffic Exchange programme. Traffic exchange programme ensure that a guarantee people will visit your blog spend a guaranteed duration of time at your blog. In the traffic exchange programme whenever you visit the site of others you get some credits in your account. The maximum you visit the blog of other the more you get traffic to your blog. Some of the popular traffic exchange programs are:
Blog Explosion
Blog Soldiers
Blog Clicker
Participate in Adsense programme. The more traffic you get the more the chance to earn maximum income. Turn on your site feed so that people subscribe site feed in their newsreaders. You should also activate your Navbar to increase more traffic in your blog. Install Email post to allow people forward your posts to friends.
Include your blog in blog directories for extra traffic. You have blog but it is not possible for the traffic where is your blog. That is why blog directory is required. The blog directories organize a good number of blogs in their database categorically so that traffic can access your blog easily. It is also free to the blogger. You may submit your blog url with description. Most blog directories desire their image to be displayed in your blog. Whenever a blogger joins the particular blog directory, you will get credit. Some popular blog directories are:
Blog Catalog
globe of Blogs

Using Blog Rings also you can drive more traffic . In Blog Rings blog with same subject matters join in a group. Each of the blogs link on their page to the next blog in the group. If your blog relating to adsense programme your traffic may go to other blogs from your blog related to adsense article or vice versa. You should not send your visitors away from your page. As you sending traffic to other blog in your group, other blog is also sending traffic to yours.
You must update your blog regularly so that your permanent traffic should not go away for up to date information.
You may comment on others blog so that you can get a link from others and thus you will get extra traffic.
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