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Inclusion of a site in Google index is easier than reinclusion

When your site is ready you may wish to submit your site to Google for inclusion in Google’s search result. Google is a fully automated search engine and using software called as ‘spider’ which crawl the web regularly looking for sites to add to the Google Index. Your site may be included in the Google index automatically. Since Google ‘spider’ is crawling thousands of pages, your site may be missed. So it is better to submit your site to Google. Use Google Sitemaps. It is an easy way to submit all your urls to the Google index.

Unfortunately most of the webmasters submit their site to Google without maintaining guidelines as well as tips for building a crawler-friendly site.

Consequently the site will be removed from Google Index and the site will be blocked from the index.

Reinclusion of a site is very tough. You have to make a request for reinclusion. For request reinclusion first choose the site which is removed from google index then make an acknowledgement that

  • I believe this site has violated Google's quality guidelines in the past.
  • This site no longer violates Google's quality guidelines.
  • I have read and agree to abide by Google's quality guidelines.

Now tell the Google what is actually happened. Make necessary changes and maintain Google quality guidelines. Resubmit your site for reinclusion in the Google Index. Google will verify your site. It may take several weeks for reinclusion.

So it is better to submit your site when it is actually ready and you have maintained Google's quality guidelines. Before submitting your site, check it thoroughly.

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