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Adsense payment through western union

At the first stage Western Union money transfer method has been extended to the publishers located in Argentina, Chile, China (Mainland), Colombia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Peru, the Philippines abd Romania. I hope in near future google will offer the new payment methods world wide. At this stage individual payees are eligible to receive payment through western union.

What is western union money transfer system: Western Uniorn Money Transfer is popular money transfer system. Money transfer service of Western Union is worldwide. Millions of people trust Western Union money transfer service. Money will be transferred within a minute without any hassle. Just the sender will go to the Western Union money transfer office nearby. He has to handover the money with necessary service charges to the agent after filling up a simple form. The agent will give Money Transfer Control Number or MTCN to the money senders. Then the senders will inform the Money Transfer Control Number and amount of money to the money receiver through telephonically or e-mail. The recipient will fill up a simple form in the nearest Western Union Money Transfer service mentioning the sender’s name, country name and the exact amount. Receipient will collect the money easily.

To receive your payment you have to produce governement issued ID. You have to pick up your money with in 35 days. If you fail to pcik up your money within 35 days your payment will be credited again in our adsense account. You are allowed to receive your payment through local currency also.
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