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Feedjit may help you to increase traffic free of cost

Feedjit has useful and effective features to analyze and getting statistics of your visitors on your website or blog in real-time. It’s recommended reading encourage the visitors to read other pages of your blog or website. It figures out which pages on your site are most interesting to your new visitor and recommend those pages to read and help to increase traffic. Feedjit has a very sophisticated algorithm called collaborative filtering to suggest reading. It works well in blogger blog and typepad. No need to sign up. Just copy the scripts and paste it in your blog. You can also use it in your website having own domain name. Feedjit's Recommended Reading Widget starts updating as soon as you install it and is continuously updated as new visitors arrive on your website and provide it with more data. I don’t think it slow down your website or blog. Their experts are always busy to serve you better. Feedjit can help you to drive more traffic if you serve more than 2 Million page views per day or more than 60 million page views per month. Unfortunately it does not support Myspace and Wordress blog, however it will work in open source version of wordpress. Feedjit can protect from fake referrers. They monitor very closely and ban the fake referrer appearing on Feedjit widgets. Feedjit’s live traffic map helps to analyze the traffic. It shows locations of last 100 visitors and whenever you point your mouse over the map it will display the city and country of the visitors. You can customize the color and size according to your choice.
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