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Duplicate content and Search Engines

Are you sure your content is not duplicated by others? In my earlier article I have already discussed how to detect duplicate content. Some publishers take deceptive way to write their content. They just change first and last few lines and republish the content. You know search engines dislike duplicate content. If the search engines find similar content within or across the domains they do not show up in the search result. Search engines have sophisticated algorithms to determine the best version of the document. Google makes appropriate adjustments while indexing and ranking of the sites that have duplicated content or substantially same. Publishers should not take any deceptive way. It is better to write one article monthly but don’t deceive the search engines. If search engines find a site that has multiple number of duplicated content, it stops crawling and the site will be blacklisted. Once the pages of a site are removed from index, it is very difficult to reinclude in the index.
Publishers should keep in mind the following points related to duplicate content:

1. If you have multiple pages with same content, merged them in one page
2. Make sure your article has distinct information and there is no plagiarism. If your website has printer-only version, use robots.txt or include a meta tag “noindex” to disallow the search engines to index the page.
3. Don’t forget to inform Google using webmaster tools which is your prefer domain
https://www.example com
or any other
4. When multiple publishers are selling same products. Make some changes in the information of the product so that it appears different although it is same.
5. If you are syndicating content on different sites, make sure you have included a link back to the original page. Some times search engines show one of the syndication instead of original. If it is possible block the syndication in other sites using robot.txt.
6. Use tools like copyscape to identify the sites that are duplicating your content.
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