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Uploading a Web Site

Uploading a Web Site
You have created a Web Site with HTML. Now you need to upload it to a Web Server so that the other people on the internet can also see it. For uploading your website you need web space on the internet. Then you require a Web Server to upload your files onto.Browsers and Web Servers use a protocol to communicate with each other. A protocol is a method to start a communication session for transferring data. It also use to terminate the session. Protocols are two types: FTP: File Transfer Protocol and HTTP: Hyper Text Transport Protocol. These protocols are used to upload or download data. Between these two, FTP provides a faster and persistent connection.Some organizations provide web space free of cost for students, teachers and researchers. However for commercial purpose you have to purchase a web space.Before going to uploading your website you have to find out the following information:1. What will be your web site address2. What will be the name of your upload profile3. What is your choice to upload i.e. FTP or HTTP .4. What will be your user ID and passwordUploading or Downloading Files Using FTP:Starting of FTP Session
Step:1: Open the Windows screen, click on the start button, then click on Run.
Step:2: In the Run dialog box type: C:\WINDOWS\FTP . you will get MS-DOS window and a prompt ftp>
Step:3: Now type the commandftp>Open<ftpservername>For ‘’ you have to type the following command ftp>
Step:4: Then you will be prompted to enter the Login ID and Password. You will be permitted to logon if you are an authorized user. You can also log on as an anonymous user by filling in the username as anonymous and password as your e-mail address. But being an anonymous user you are only allowed to download a file. You are not permitted to upload files.
Step:5: To upload a file through ftp use the following command
ftp> put <filename>ftp> mput <filename> <filename>……
<filenameN> (for multiple files upload)
Step:5: To down load a file just after logging in to an ftp session for downloading the files, check the directory listing to see the path of the files to be downloaded. You can view the present working directory with the following command
ftp> pwd For changing the directory the ftp>cd command can be given. After locating the file name and path type the following command to download filesftp> get <filename>orftp> mget <filename1><filename2>
<filenameN> (for multiple files>Generally files are downloaded in binary mode or ASCII mode. File is downloaded in the ASCII mode. To download a file in the binary form, the following command can be given:ftp>binaryfor ASCII modeftp>ascii
Step:6: To end the FTP session type the commandftp>close
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