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Tips and tricks of Adwords.

Google Adwords is an important and effective way to increase traffic to your site as well as boost your revenue. Initially I could not drive traffic to my site through Adwords. My CTR was very low. I eagerly tried to find out the way for best result.Now I am able to boost my CTR by 150%. What is the secret tips of adwords? How I brought drammatic change to the performance of adwords. Before joining I had tested other ad services and I found google adwords is the best if anybody can use it tactfully.Google has a nice tool that recommends keywords based on initial terms you enter.I first started with AdWords Starter Edition. Though It is very simple and ideal for new users as it lets users to create an account using a one page sign up form but it has limitation. There are several disadvantages of the starter edition. You can not run image ads or animated ads and it is not possible to target customers in many regions or place ads on a particular website as per your choice. In standard edition you can analyze your costs and return on investment through custom reports and liberty to select specific bidding such as keyword specific bidding, ad placement and content bidding etc. I joined adwords Starter Edition with my site Internet Jobs. I picked up a budget with $10 per moth and started displaying ads in a specific country. But I could not get good result. Later I switched over to Standar edition. I understood that higher CPCs can help to appear my ads in high ranking websites and consequently my CTR will be high and more the budget I set more the ad impressions will be generated. So I tuned my budget higher and keep vigil about the performance of my ads. I created ads for my site Make Blog also and selected more than 30 countries to display my ads through adwords. The secret to attract visitors is to use plain English and in a nutshell. Chose a group of relevant key words.
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