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A huge drop in AdSense earning

I have earned a lot of money from AdSense. Main sources of AdSense earning were my blogs. I devoted myself in building some websites and I could not update my blogs. Every month I used to get numerous traffic around the globe. When I was busy to make some websites (such as I could not check my blog traffic, Only I checked my website's traffic. I noticed a huge drop in AdSense earning from my blog. I did not care it and I thought I am not updating my blogs regularly consequently I am not earning from my blogs.

 Today when I go through my blog traffic, I observed that my blogs were driving thousands of traffic. I was astonished! Why my earning from blogs were so bad. I opened my blog account. I verified my AdSense account. I saw that the AdSense client ID is different. I realized the mistake that I committed.
Actually I forgot to "enable access" to third party. There are so many third party sites from where one can generate income through Google AdSense by sharing ad revenue. Blogger is one of such third parties. blogger makes a request to access AdSense account so that they display ads on the blog through layout and template tools. For this blogger is receiving "0%" of AdSense earning. That means displaying ads in blogger blog will make the same amount for clicks or impressions by creating the ad code from the AdSense account.
 To give access to third party, after log in to AdSense account blogger has to click on "Home Tab", then click on "Account setting" sub-tab on the left hand. Scroll down to "3rd-party-access". Just to there is a link "enable access". Blogger has to click on that link. Now AdSense earning will be generated through blogging.

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