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Many of us working on our computer without using updated Antivirus. Some time we are looking for the free Antivirus. I suggest not going for free antivirus. Antivirus is an important issue especially when you work online at your computer. If you do not use an updated antiviral, a serious damage to data of your computer may occur. Some sophisticated virus may damage system files. Some times they format the hard disk also. You may experience strange behavior in the form of text, video or audio messages. All of a sudden some files of your computer may be corrupted or deleted or your computer may run too much slow. Virus works behind all such type of happenings.

Computer Virus is nothing but a destructive computer program to infect your computer operation. The virus creators are highly intelligent and have sound knowledge in programming language. The virus enters in the form of malicious program code and multiplies rapidly in size. They stop the programs to run. Virus may spread one computer to another computer through networking, CD-ROMs and also floppy disks.

Individuals and some notorious companies to market their antiviruses create everyday new viruses. Some examples of such viruses are Diskkiller, W97M.Melissa, Cascade Anna Kournikova and Lovegate. There are several antiviruses available in the market such as McAfree, Norton, Smartdog, VX2000, Quick heal etc. You may purchase antivirus online or a package from a licensed shop. Make sure your antivirus is latest and enable to combat against latest created virus. Update your antivirus on regular basis.
Some security measures to prevent virus attack:

  • Don’t use a floppy or CD Rom in your computer without scanning
  • Don’t download from a suspicious site and precaution should be taken before opening email attachment.
  • Take backup regularly so that damage can be minimized.
  • Always use updated antivirus

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