If content is the king of a site, traffic is the queen. Traffic is the key to success for a publishers. It is not difficult to attract visitors to your site for the first time. You may place your URL in the forum, Yahoo answer, email or in bulletin board. It is basic instict of people to visit a new site. So at the first phage you may get good number of traffic. But after a certain period of time your traffic may decrease day by day. The reason is that people are not willing to visit a site which is boring. If you are able to convert your visitors as constant traffic, your success is not far ahead. It is natural that traffic may overflowed into your site for a short period of time. It is due to search engine ranking or by getting to digg's homepage or by any means. Grasp the opportunity. Do something so that your visitors turn into your regular traffic. How can you increase the number of regular visitors?
1.Be Unique, informative and creative: Be creative and write unique content. Your article must contain useful information. Elaborate your writing but don't deceive your visitors. Try to fulfil the expectation of your traffic for which they are exploring your site.
2. Regular posting: Post regularly with new and interesting contents so that your visitors feel interest to come back to your blog. Most of the popular bogs are updated regularly with new contents. If you write on part basis such as Part-I then Prt-II your visitors certainly wait for the next part.
3. Simple Designing: Have you visited this blog earlier? You may remember that this blog was incorporated with images. But I have removed images. Because I have experienced that image affected my traffic. Actually people do not prefer the site which takes much time to upload. If you upload your site with many images, it may take more time to open, consequently visitors will skip to other sites for information and you will loose your traffic. So don't upload your site with unnecessary images.
4. Limited words: Your content should not too big or too small. Content with 400 to 500 words limit is ideal for a site. Don't be repetitive. Write your content with simple sentences and appropriate density of key words. Make your content interesting and keep it away from boring. If visitors feel interest in your blog they certainly will return and subscribe your feed to keep touch with your blog.
5. Relevant links to other sites: Provide link to other relevant and good quality sites so that your visitors may be benefitted. If you are able to provide links to sites for updated and relvant information, people will use your site for updating their knowledge.
6.Promote your RSS Feed : You should keep an active link after every post with few words such as subscribe this blog or like that. Good number of people may subscribe your blog.



  2. good tips on how to get visitors in your sites, am just started a blog and have been following your tips, just check on my blog and give me some useful changes I need to do to get more traffic

  3. Your blog has a nice appearance, it loaded quickly, was easy to navigate, and no missing or broken links. lots of good information.

    Some More Tips on Traffic:

    1. Add content
    Add content, add content, and add content. Before you even register your domain, you should have enough ideas to build 100 pages on your site. Start brainstorming and see what you can come up with in 10 minutes. If that's not enough to fill 50 pages, consider not building the site at all. Having lots of content is important.

    2. A simple design is better
    Text content should outweigh the html content. Stay away from heavy flash, java, JavaScript, etc. Don't add to much stuff like 'best viewed with'... Your website should be viewable with any browser. Keep it clean and professional.

    3. Keep the pages small
    Smaller is better. Keep it under 15k if you can. Your site should be fast loading, or people will leave. Speed is everything. Next to content, that is. Keep it under 10k or 5k if you can. Difficult, but people love fast sites. Throw away all the trash on your pages.

    4. Content length
    Put a new page online every day of about 200 to 500 words. Go to the overture keyword suggester to find ideas of what to write about. Spell checks your content. Search engines can do it, and so should you. If you have a blog, go for article-like posts as opposed to the personal diary kinds of posts.

    5. Use keywords
    Use your keywords in the following places: title, description tag, heading, url, once bold, once italic and once high on the page.

    6. Link to other sites
    Put 2 links to other, high ranking pages on your site. They should be relevant to the content of that page and use keywords as your link. Don't add every link that's requested. Check their relevance first.

    7. Link to your own site
    Put links from one page to other relevant pages on your own site. Again: use keywords as your link.

    8. Submit your site
    Submit your site to Google, AltaVista, Yahoo, Msn, Hotbot, etc. Then forget about that for 6 months. Also submit it to every single directory you can find. Do a check after 6 months and resubmit if you're not listed.

    9. Log and track
    Most hosts provide these. Don't use a lame graphic counter. Check where your visitors are coming from to find out what traffic methods work best for your site.

    10. Write for people
    People are not coming to your site for your content. They are coming for their content. Try to write as if you are writing to one specific person, such as a friend of yours who's interested in the same topic. Don't try to write for 'all of your visitors'.

    11. Stay ahead
    If you know that something big will come out in a few months, build a page about it now. It gives search engines time to index that page so they can feed it to the growing anticipating crowd.

    12. Add more content
    This is so important: keep adding content. Do this for a year and your site will be a top ranking website within one year. You could've been there now, if you started last year. So start now, so you'll be there next year. You'll thank yourself (and me) later.


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  4. hi, i am struggling to get visitors , hope things will improve.
    nice article.

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    let me know what you think

  6. good one...can you please comment on my blog at and Im new.

  7. Thank you for your direction

  8. Thanks for the info. let me know what you think of my blog., I am new too!

  9. But how do you make traffic if your site content is poems...?



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