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I started my blogging long back. Very few bloggers were blogging at that time. Actually  I wanted to publish a website. But I had no technical knowledge. I started learning HTML, CSS, JAVA, PHP, MySql and many more. After publishing my website initially I was happy but later I got disappointed due to poor performance of my website. I realized that only publishing a website is not enough, there are lot of things involved.

While I was exploring ideas to increase traffic to the website, I encountered the great platform. Yes, Google has been offering the best platform to create a blog for non technical people. Not only a blog can be created without technical knowledge, but also it has some powerful tools for exposure.

This blog was my first blog. Through this blog I used to share my blogging ideas. At that my blog was very popular.

Later I published several blogs and websites. Due to professional hazards and work load to maintain multiple blogs and websites, I forgot my oldest blog.

Now, I have decided to revive this blog. I have already started renovation. I do hope this blog will regain it's popularity.

Honestly, I shall do my level best to share my ideas. I am waiting for your valuable comments.

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Welcome to Make Blog


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