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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips

What is search engine? And how to optimize it?Search engine is nothing but a soft ware. Users can obtain specific information online using key words. Your website will be crawled or not it totally depends upon the contents and structure of your website.Rank of a website in a search engine is not constant. Ranking in search engine depends upon the competition on a given key words.There are many search engines available on the web. Some of the popular search engines are: Yahoo! Google, MSN, Altavista, Lycos, Magellan etc. Yahoo slurp is basically a search directory. It is hierarchically organized with subject catalogue or directory of the Web which is browsable and searchable. Altavista has a spider called scooter that traverses the Web and Usenet newsgroups. Indexing is based on the full text of a document and the first few lines are used as an abstract.Hotbot engine retrieves and indexes Web documents using a robot called Slurp. It indexes the full text of only HTML and plain text documents.Googlebot, and MSN bot prefer unique contents.Search engine optimization is very much important to a website publisher. To reach to the visitors, website publishers have to rank 01 to 10. So website publisher should try their best to rank high. How to rank high click here. There are many factors to rank high in search engines. Whether your website will be crawled or indexed it depends upon the various factors. If your site map no longer included in the search engine try to find it .Some of the search engine optimization factors are:a. Try to write unique content: Content is all-important. Make sure your content is different from others. Your content must include the words you want to optimize for throughout the pages. For example if you want to optimize for search engine, make sure this word occur often in the text.b. Don’t copy from any website. Your website may be banned for copying from others.c. Don’t put any keywords without any nexus. Just typing of key words again and again without any relation will be black listed .d. Fill your key words into the title tag of the page.e. Link your website with another popular websites and directories.f. Try to use key words in your meta tag also.g. Don’t wait for a search engine to search you. Submit your URL to as many search engines as possible.h. Prepare search engine as well as visitors friendly website.i. Don’t make multiple pages with substantially duplicate contentsj. Avoid hidden text or hidden links
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